Adenan tender his apology for ‘Berbini Orang Iban’ joke

The CM has always been magnanimous in his conduct. And this is what he said in a PC this morning on the so-called “Iban wife” issue:

“When I told the Prime Minister to get an Iban wife recently,  it was made in a lighted hearted manner.

The PM has been visiting Sarawak so very often that I told him he ought to be able to speak some Iban and jokingly said getting an Iban wife might help him with the language.

Even the Prime Minister understood it was meant to be a joke. He was grinning from ear to ear. But if the (Iban community) is offended I am sorry, I tender my sincere apology.”

adenan apology


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Rakyat Sarawak yang anti-kronisme dan korupsi oleh pemimpin tamak dan tidak bertanggungjawab.
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